Each year, the Elections Committee (comprised of a Chairperson and eight members) conducts a fair, honest, and efficient campus-wide election in accordance with the Student Government Board Constitution and the Elections Code for the students wishing to serve on SGB as Board Members and President. The process consists of several steps and components, and the Elections Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating the logistics and execution of it all. This includes but is not limited to reviewing campaign packets, planning events such as the SGB Debate, reviewing and updating the Elections Code, and promoting SGB through outreach initiatives in order to increase visibility on campus as well as voter turnout.

Click here for the updated Elections Code.

For more information, email Chair Marcus Edelstein at MAE113@pitt.edu Office Hours: TBD

2021-2022 Elections Committee

  • Yitian Wang
  • Aaron Reuter
  • Jack Ruotolo
  • Ciara Markoski
  • Nathaniel Eckstrom
  • Molly Hayden
  • Allison Colgan
  • Felicia Yan