2022-2023 Ad-Hoc Committees

Established by the Board

Purpose: Ad-Hoc Committees are typically created in situations where a task force does not apply but the Board is interested in exploring a new committee. These committees are typically lead by one or two board members and open to all students. Anyone who is interested in joining an ad-hoc committee is encouraged to email the chair of that committee.

The Students Against Sexual Misconduct (SASM) Ad-Hoc Committee

Mission: The Students Against Sexual Misconduct (“SASM”) Ad-Hoc Committee aims to address all forms of sexual misconduct including, but not limited to, sexual assault, sexual violence, and sexual harassment at the University of Pittsburgh, Oakland campus. The SASM Ad-Hoc Committee will, in collaboration with students, student leaders, and organizations across campus, serve as a central hub for knowledge, resources, and support in the prevention of all forms of sexual misconduct. SASM’s goal is to unite advocacy efforts among students to avoid redundancy and improve organizing. It is the Committee’s hope that streamlining the many ongoing efforts will foster long-lasting positive change on campus.
For more information, including the charter and information on joining, please see sgb.pitt.edu/sasm.

Dining Ad-hoc Committee

Mission: The mission of the Dining Ad-hoc Committee is to address and advocate for students’ dietary needs at the University of Pittsburgh.
For more information, including information on joining, please see the charter.

The Disability Resources Ad-Hoc Committee

Mission: The Disability Resources Ad-Hoc Committee aims to advocate for the needs and common goals of students with disabilities at the University of Pittsburgh. This Committee will bring the attention of the general student body and University administration to the issues and challenges regarding accessibility, in areas including, but not limited to: academic affairs, dining, housing, transportation, and general compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This Committee will work with University offices and departments to create solutions to address these issues and challenges.
If you want to join the committee or come contribute at a meeting, email Sophia Shapiro at sos60@pitt.edu with your name pronouns and your reason for wanting to get involved. Click here for the charter.