All Office Hours for the 2020-2021 academic year will be held virtually.

If you wish to speak with an SGB member during their office hours, please email them 24 hours in advance!

The Board

Position Name Email Liaison Groups Office Hours
PresidentEric Macadangdangsgbpresident@pitt.eduB-DBy Appointment
Board Member and Executive Vice PresidentCedric Humphreyclh185@pitt.eduE-G Weekdays 9-11
Board Member and Vice President and Chief of FinanceBen Kingbwk13@pitt.eduP-Ph, Pi-Pitt Q, Pitt R-Pz Monday 11:30-3, Wednesday 11:30-3, Thursday 10-2
Board Member and Vice President and Chief of CabinetTyler Viljastetjv24@pitt.eduM-O Monday 12-5, Friday 12-5
Board MemberKathryn Fleisherkaf152@pitt.eduCMonday 12-5, Wednesday 3-6, Friday 11-1
Board MemberKatie Richmondkatie.richmond@pitt.eduH-L TBD
Board MemberVictor Sovis65@pitt.eduQ-R, W-Z Monday 9-2, Wednesday 9-2
Board MemberVictoria Chuahvic39@pitt.eduS Monday 1-6, Wednesday 1-6
Board MemberAnnalise Monday 10-3, Friday 10-3
Chief of StaffCaroline Ungercsu1@pitt.eduN/A Wednesday 9-11, Thursday 12-3
Operations DirectorKiley Verbanackiv6@pitt.eduN/AMonday 1-3, Wednesday 1-3, Thursday 11-12
Art DirectorLiz Wymarderw80@pitt.eduN/A Friday 12-5
Committe Name Email Office Hours
Academic AffairsPreeti
Monday 8-10, Wednesday 8-10, Friday 10-11
By appointment
Community and Governmental RelationsRyan Monday 10-1, Thursday 11-1
Diversity and InclusionBeatrice Fadrigonbhf8@pitt.eduTBD
ElectionsOlivia TBD
Facilities, Technology, and Transportation Steven TBD
JudicialStephen Jacobusstj25@pitt.eduTBD
WellnessDanielle Wednesday 11-1, Friday 12-3

Position Name Email Liaison Groups Office Hours
Committee ChairAboli
(412) 648-7965
Governance GroupsBy appointment
Committee MemberAlexis TBD
Committee MemberReservednlm60@pitt.eduB, D TBD
Committee MemberElla Hamburgerhamburger@pitt.eduC TBD
Committee MemberJonathan Xiongjyx4@pitt.eduE-G TBD
Committee MemberMike Zangusmpz12@pitt.eduH-L TBD
Committee MemberJulie Lejtl60@pitt.eduM-O TBD
Committee MemberTate Yawitztay32@pitt.eduP-Ph TBD
Committee MemberErin O'Roukeero22@pitt.eduPi-Pitt Q TBD
Vice ChairIsabel Weirisw6@pitt.eduPitt R-Pz TBD
Committee MemberReservedsgb.allocations@gmail.eduQ-R, W-Z TBD
Committee MemberNathan McLaughlinnlm60.comS TBD
Committee MemberKatie Mannkgm28@pitt.eduT-V TBD