Public Art Competition Finalist

Trisha Shah (she/her)

About Trisha as an artist: “My name is Trisha Shah and I’m currently a junior at Pitt majoring in marketing and business information systems. I’ve loved creating art ever since I was young but recently I’ve taken it a step further. I created an Etsy shop this past summer to sell some of my paintings and other pieces and it’s been going pretty well. I also started selling some of my work at the Pop Art Den in The University Store here on campus. Both my art Instagram and Etsy are @TrishaShahArt if you would like to see more of my work! Acrylic paint is definitely my most used medium but I’ve been getting into watercolors and making things out of resin lately. I’ve always thought that making a large public piece would be a really cool experience, so this opportunity would be amazing!”

Check out their art instagram: @trishashahart

About their Design: “My mural concept is about people of different backgrounds in the Pitt area coming together to uplift the community and nurturing it to grow. The hands represent the people of Pitt, I tried to show multiple ethnicities through the skin tones to showcase the diverse collection of students and faculty. They are holding up an area that is supposed to be Pittsburgh, as seen by a few notable buildings and bridges in the scene (shoutout Cathy!). In the streets of the city scene are protests going on to represent the BLM movement and fight for equality. The scene then transitions to a park (Schenley!) and a large tree is growing, which is held up by one of the hands. The tree is meant to symbolize the Tree Of Life Synagogue and the tragedy that occurred two years ago. The tree is being watered showing that together, even though our differing backgrounds, we can make something horrific blossom into something beautiful - together. I want my design to serve as a reminder to the Pitt community that we are stronger together, and that our diverse range of backgrounds only makes that easier."

Other Work