Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Sefakor Agbemadzo

Hi! My name is Sefakor Agbemadzo and I am a senior at the University. My major is in Criminal Justice with a minor in Chemistry but my main focus is public health. My driving force for pursuing my degree is to help underrepresented communities when it comes to creating public health policies and the divide in healthcare. Outside of school I have a passion for baking and cooking. I also love hiking and going for night walks with friends. I hope that on the committee I can help create a place for discussion!
Pitt Email
School (Dietrich, Swanson, etc.)
College of General Studies
Criminal Justice w/ Minor in Chemistry and Certificate in Community Health Assessment
Fun fact
I’m double jointed in my fingers.
On campus, I can be found… (favorite spot on campus)
Floor 25 in Cathy or the Frick Fine Arts Building
Favorite class taken at Pitt
Language of Medicine
Favorite TV show(s)
Modern Family & The Midnight Gospel
Favorite movie(s)
The Princess and the Frog & Soul
Favorite book(s)
The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in A Changing World
Favorite quote
We only borrow the people we love for a short time.