Committee Member

Alex Nelson

Hey my name is Alex Nelson and I will be a member of the Judicial Committee for the 2020-2021 school year! I am excited to be serving in this position. I am a rising senior and I am majoring in Chemistry, with plans of attending law school after I graduate in December 2021. I was born in Monroeville, PA and I grew up about an hour north of Pittsburgh in a town called Hermitage. I am a diehard Steelers fan and overall lover of the sport of football in general. I enjoy reading nonfiction books and learning anything about everything. I am always open to chat so if you have any questions or would like to just sat hi, you can reach my email!


Year: Senior


School: Dietrich

Major: Chemistry

Fun Fact: My entire immediate family has attended Pitt (dad, sister, and I: Undergrad, My step mom: Pitt Law!

On Campus I can be found: Hillman ground floor or 4th floor

Favorite Class taken at Pitt: Building Democracy around the world with Scott Morgenstern

Favorite TV show(s): Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, That 70s Show

Favorite Movie(s):  The Great Gatsby, The Wolf of Wall Street, Lone Survivor

Favorite Book(s): The Great Gatsby, 12 Rules For Life

Favorite Quote:

“Bear in mind that brains and learning, like muscle and physical skills, are article of commerce. They can be bought or sold. You can hire them by the year or by the hour. The only thing in the world not for sale is character.”
Justice Antonin Scalia