Collegiate Readership Program

As part of Student Government Board’s Collegiate Readership Program, every undergraduate student has the opportunity to subscribe to the New York Times, free of charge. This subscription allows students unlimited access to the NYT’s online content through their website or mobile phone application, ensuring that students have the opportunity to educate them on the issues facing our world today.

On Monday, September 7th, 2020, we are altering the process to subscribe to the New York Times to make it easier for students to maintain their subscription. Whether you are creating a new NYT account or already have one, please refer to the following table to find out what you have to do have a free subscription this school year:

Create New NYT Account

  • Navigate to NYT pass page
  • Click "Create Account” and complete registration fields (you must use your @edu email) You will receive a welcome email.
  • You must click the confirmation link in the email to complete this process

Already have an NYT account

  • Navigate to NYT pass page
  • Click "Already have an account? Log in here"
  • Log in with existing NYT username / password

Please note that the subscription is exclusively for the NYT’s online content.

For any questions, please contact Chief of Staff Caroline Unger at