Civic Advising Program

Are you a student interested in getting more involved on campus? Do you see injustice in the world that you want to correct, but aren’t sure about where to start? If so, then Civic Advising is for you! The Civic Advising program is designed to be a resource for all undergraduate students, regardless of academic discipline or level of prior engagement.

About Civic Advising

We know figuring out where to start with your civic and community engagement (or how to stay engaged once you do jump in) can be confusing and overwhelming. Which is why we’re here to help! Our Civic Advisors will help walk you through what kind of opportunities would be a good fit for you, what student, staff, or faculty leadership on campus you should connect with, and what you can do to map out a meaningful, multi-year engagement plan for the duration of your time at Pitt. So check out our advisor profiles and schedule a virtual advising session today!

How to Schedule an Advising Appointment

Civic and community engagement looks different for everyone! What’s important is that you engage in ways that are meaningful, relevant, and appropriate for you. To ensure you meet with an advisor that is knowledgeable about the type(s) of engagement you’re interested in, we utilize a “Civic Pathways” model that breaks up civic and community engagement into the following six categories or “pathways”:

  • Community Engaged Learning and Research: Connecting coursework and academic research to community-identified concerns to enrich knowledge and inform action on social issues.
  • Community Organizing and Activism: Involving, educating, and mobilizing individual or collective action to influence or persuade others.
  • Direct Service: Working to address the immediate needs of individuals or a community, often involving contact with the people or places being served.
  • Philanthropy: Donating or using private funds or charitable contributions from individuals or institutions to contribute to the public good.
  • Policy and Governance: Participating in political processes, policymaking, and public governance.
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility: Using ethical business or private sector approaches to create or expand market-oriented responses to social or environmental problems.

Click here to take a quiz and see which civic pathway fits best with your interests! To get the most out of your Civic Advising experience, we recommend selecting an advisor that has the pathways you’re interested in exploring listed in their profile. Once you identify advisors that share your interests, you can schedule an advising session with them using the Calendly link listed in their profile. If you are unable to make the times listed in Calendly, please contact the advisor directly using the email address listed in their profile. Should you have any issues with or questions about scheduling with an advisor, please email SGB Board Member Kathryn Fleisher at

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Meet the Advisors

Click through the below profiles below to get to know our Civic Advisors! Advisors include students, staff, and faculty from across the University as to provide a broad range of experience and interest in our advising team. So be sure to check out all the profiles before you schedule -- chances are, there’s a good match for you!

Staff & Faculty Advisors

Student Advisors

Before your advising appointment, be sure to check out the Catalog of Opportunities to get a sense for what types of programs and organizations are available on campus!