Interested in running for SGB for 2023-2024 school year?

Hi everyone! If interested in running for SGB this upcoming year please make sure to check this tab frequently as important information will be released momentarily in the coming days. If there are any questions please reach out to Elections Chair Markoski at or 484-374-5582. Thanks!

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Referendum Information

Find more information about the referendum questions on the ballot here.

Voters Guide

Endorsements and Finances

2023 SGB Election Candidates:

    Presidential Candidates:
  • Corbin Makar - Independent
  • Ryan Young - Illuminate Slate

  • Board Candidates:
  • Sarah Mayer - Illuminate Slate
  • Sarah Siddiqui - Illuminate Slate
  • Katie Fitzpatrick - Illuminate Slate
  • Katie Emmert - Disrupt Slate
  • Olivia Rosati - Disrupt Slate
  • Matt Jurich - Independent
  • Ashley White - Independent
  • Braydan Issermoyer - Independent