The Health and Wellness Committee is dedicated to improving the physical health, mental health, nutritional health, and overall lifestyle for undergraduate students on Pitt’s campus. We strive to raise awareness on a broad spectrum of issues such as sexual abuse/assault, mental health, substance and alcohol abuse, and positive lifestyle choices.

We have done this by working hard to create events and collaborate with faculty and administrators to provide our campus with real change and progress. Last year, we assisted in the planning of Mental Health and Sexual Assault Awareness Month; we increased the accessibility of food at Market Central for marginalized groups such as vegetarians, vegans, and those with dietary restrictions; we worked with organizations such as Active Minds to bridge the gap between the counseling center and our students; we helped facilitate events to promote the university’s “Healthy U” initiative and have continued to generate current and future projects to work on.

Email Chair Danielle Floyd at dnf7@pitt.edu for more information on how to join. As we get closer to the fall semester I will be releasing when my office hours are and when/ where we will be holding our weekly meetings!

Important Updates

There are no important updates at this time.

2020-2021 Wellness Committee

  • Danielle Floyd, Chair
  • Mahima Sindhu, Executive Vice Chair
  • Nadine Sadaka, Mental Health Vice Chair
  • Jamie Duff
  • Kristen Deppe
  • Monica McNeil
  • The Wellness Committee meeting time and location for fall semester is TBD.