Student Office of Sustainability

The Student Office of Sustainability (SOOS) fosters environmental awareness throughout the Pitt community. The goal of the office is to support the potential of students to creatively revolutionize the way the Pitt community approaches environmental and social justice, and inspire conversations about building a sustainable future. Specifically, the office works to increase the quantity and quality of sustainability initiatives on campus, provide services and support to the campus community, advocate and assist with sustainable innovations on campus, and ensure the fulfillment of institutional commitments to sustainable initiatives. With a physical collaboration space in the William Pitt Union (510) , SOOS supports 20+ affiliated student organizations. These organizations vary greatly in their aims and focus but at the core are all working towards a more sustainable community at Pitt and beyond.

SOOS is led by the SOOS council, which consists of the Senior PittServes Program Associate (Co-Director), SGB Liaison (Co-Director), PittServes Sustainability Program Associates, Coordinator of Affiliate Organizations, and the Director of the Green Fund Allocations Board.

The SGB Liaison works with both SOOS and SGB to advance sustainability in all aspects of the Pitt community. The SGB Liaison attends SGB assembly and cabinet meetings to provide reports on SOOS events, initiatives, and successes, advocate for sustainability in SGB initiatives and organize crossover events, such as Sustainability-related town halls.

SOOS is located in the William Pitt Union in 510