Facilities, Technology, and Transportation


The Facilities, Transportation, and Technology Committee’s main goals are to improve campus facilities, advocate to advance transportation on campus, and keep informed about the changing technology. The committee’s initiatives are based on requests and concerns from students, which are heard both in person and through submissions at Fix it Pitt, and are discussed at weekly committee meetings. The committee helps facilitate projects involving learning spaces, recreational and athletic areas, housing concerns, technology, and works closely with faculty members in all departments to act as a bridge between students and faculty.

If you have any questions contact the chair, Mathew Niedoba at mjn48@pitt.edu Chair Office Hours: M 3-5, Th 9-12

Vice Chairs
  • Executive Vice Chair: Sydney Sepkovic
  • Housing Vice Chair: Josh Hanzlik
  • Academic/Rec Vice Chair: Matt Weinstein
  • Tech/Transportation Vice Chair: Christina Ho
  • Fall meetings are held Wednesdays 8-9PM in 848 WPU!