Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee acts as a group to support the University’s initiatives in diversity and inclusion and to advocate for cultural competency on campus. Through programming, media and educational initiatives, the committee strives to improve campus-wide awareness of topics related to diversity and inclusion.

Email Chair Varsha Suresh at varsha.suresh@pitt.edu for more information on how you can get involved.
Office Hours: TDB

2019-2020 Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • Sophia Felix
  • Alison Hnatow
  • Siera Meaux
  • Omolade Olubowale
  • Jordann Antoan
  • Jordan Fields
  • Naydia Rowe
  • Sam Hunyh
  • Nick Truong

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Collaboration Grants

The purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s collaboration grant is to promote interaction and discourse among student organizations. The grant helps lift financial burdens a student organization may bear when planning their programs, motivating them to focus on program quality and efficacy. This grant is aimed towards groups who normally do not collaborate with each other, or hold distinctly different perspectives. Grant programs should provide spaces for civil discourse about differences or areas of intersection.
Click here to view the Collaboration Grant Bylaws. MUST READ BEFORE APPLYING

Apply for the Collaboration Grant here.

If you are interested in the Collaboration Grant, but are not sure how to get started, please fill out this form.

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