The Assembly

Lower Legislative Body


The mission of the Assembly is to gather information from Pitt student organizations who represent a large number of students and to advise and communicate with members of the Student Government Board on all matters concerning students at the University.

Structure and Purpose:

The Assembly is the lower legislative branch of Student Government Board and shall consist of one representative from each Student Affairs Affiliated Group with the Executive Vice President of the Board serving as Speaker of the Assembly. Delegates from other organizations can be admitted to the Assembly upon approval by a simple majority of the Board. The Assembly will serve as an open forum where student leaders can gather, give input on current SGB projects, and advocate for changes they would like to see come to fruition within the university.

Additionally, the Assembly may introduce resolutions for consideration by the Board. A resolution originating from the Assembly must be tabled for one week before being voted on by the Assembly. If it receives approval it skips the Board tabling period and is submitted for a vote at the next public meeting of the Board.


The Assembly meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 8pm, and meetings are closed to the public unless otherwise specified (though requests to attend either to listen or present can be submitted to Ryan Murphy at

Member Organizations:

The following Student Organizations are members of the Assembly:

  • Asian Students Alliance
  • Black Action Society
  • Campus Women's Organization
  • Coalition of Pre-Health Students
  • Engineering Student Council
  • Interfraternity Council
  • National Pan-Hellenic Council
  • Nursing Student Association
  • Panhellenic Association
  • Pitt Program Council
  • PittServes (Student Civic Engagement Council)
  • Rainbow Alliance
  • Resident Student Association
  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Student Office of Sustainability