2020-2021 Task Forces

Established by the Board

Purpose: Task Forces are small teams that are assembled by the current Board and President. Each Task Force is comprised of students from within SGB as well as students outside of SGB. They are created to achieve a specific goal (or a few small but related goals) that are designated high priority and high collaboration tasks by the Board. Membership on a task force is by appointment, though anyone who is interested in joining a task force is encouraged to email the chair of that task force or President Eric Macadangdang at sgbpresident@pitt.edu.

Pitt Votes Student Task Force

Mission: Our primary goal is to empower various student organizations which are currently working on their own voter registration efforts across campus, utilizing the resources and networks affiliated with pittVotes and nextGen voting to supplement the work currently being done across campus. Ultimately, the goal is to implement tangible structures that can remain in place for a long time, as voter registration coordination efforts are something that goes on every year. Centralizing the voter registration efforts under the PittVotes logo and programming is an essential step in creating a university-wide effort.

Our secondary goal is to coordinate efforts among student organizations to allow for new relationships and space for new collaborations with student groups who are doing similar things. This task force will be the touchstone for various groups to be engaged with one another and learn about the efforts of other organizations on campus.

For more information, please email the Vice President and Chief of Cabinet, Tyler Viljaste, at tjv24@pitt.edu.

  • Tyler Viljaste
  • Kathryn Fleisher
  • Madison Ricker
  • Katie Gingerich
  • Nikhita Chakraborty
  • Ryan Murphy
  • Grace Dubois
  • Cameron Hallihan
  • Hana Kool
  • Kiley Verbanac
  • Eric Macadangdang
  • Afernee La Cruz