2022-2023 Task Forces

Established by the Board


Task Forces are small teams that are assembled by the current Board. Each Task Force is comprised of students from within SGB as well as students outside of SGB. They are created to achieve a specific goal (or a few small but related goals) that are designated high priority and high collaboration tasks by the Board. Membership on a task force is by appointment, though anyone who is interested in joining a task force is encouraged to email the chair of that task force or the President of the Board.

Students of Color in Solidarity (SOCS) Task Force

Mission: The Students of Color in Solidarity (SOCS) Task Force works to build a community amongst communities of color at the University of Pittsburgh. In this community, we hold a safe space for vulnerable, introspective, and meaningful conversations about our specifically underserved and underrepresented groups at Pitt. By openly discussing how we, as student leaders, can better support each other and promote sustainable collaboration amongst our groups, we will also work together to develop a more unified voice with which to approach the University for additional support. With acknowledging the specific needs of different communities, the ultimate goal of this task force is to build solidarity amongst students of color within the University, a primarily white institution, and promote a sustainable, collaborative community.

Task Force Charter

Renters First Task Force

Mission: By listening to and acting upon students’ concerns, ensuring every renter has the best support available, and partnering with city and community officials to guarantee that all renting practices adhere to applicable laws and regulations, the Renters First Task Force strives to better all aspects of off-campus living.

Task Force Charter

Refreshing the Sixth Floor of the William Pitt Union Task Force

Mission: The mission of this Task Force is to ensure collaboration between the Division of Student Affairs and student organizations regarding the refreshing of the sixth floor of the William Pitt Union. This Task Force is crucial for guaranteeing that the Union, O’Hara Student Center, and other spaces are able to meet the personal, cultural, and academic needs of undergraduate students utilizing space within the building. By refreshing student spaces, we hope to foster a community where all identities feel welcomed, represented, and included.

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Constitutional Review (CoRe) Task Force

Mission: The Student Government Board 2022-2023 Constitutional Review Task Force - or SGB CoRe Task Force - shall serve to facilitate the initiation of proposed amendments to the Constitution through supportive review of Referendum proposals.

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Email Daniel Temmallo at dst28@pitt.edu with specific constitutional questions, comments, and suggestions!