Allocations 101s

At the beginning of each semester, the Allocations chair hosts a series of "Allocations 101" sessions. These presentations provide a rundown of all the information you need to successfully navigate the Allocations process, and if none of your current officers have requested before it is strongly encouraged to have someone attend. The sessions will be most beneficial to business managers, but all are welcome to attend. There will be 3 presentations, on Tuesday Jan. 21 at 5pm, Wednesday Jan. 22 at 1pm, and Friday Jan. 24 at noon, all in room 837 WPU. If you are unable to attend any of the sessions, the Powerpoint in the sidebar to the right as well as many other helpful documents.

What is the Allocations Process?

We recognize that our student organizations on campus play a vital role in shaping everyone’s Pitt experience. The purpose of the Allocations Process is to provide financial assistance by equitably distributing a portion of the $2.7 million Student Activities Fund to student organizations in need. The group responsible for the Allocations process is the Student Government Board Allocations Committee.

Student Organizations may request money through an annual or semesterly budget or they can submit supplemental requests each week by Wednesday at 5pm. The Allocations Committee then meets Thursday nights in the SGB office (848 William Pitt Union) to hear short presentations from each group that submitted a request. For requests $1,200.00 or less the Allocations Committee decision is final, requests over $1,200 are sent to the Board for further review at public meeting on Tuesday nights at 8:45pm in Nordy's Place.

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The Allocations Committee

The Allocations Committee is comprised of a chairperson and twelve liaisons, whose role it is to assist student groups in their utilization of the Allocations Process. The Chairperson holds ten office hours per week, and each liaison holds five office hours per week, during which they are available in the Allocations Office (located in 848 of the William Pitt Union) to answer questions, help with requests, and clarify policies and procedures. We strongly encourage every organization to consult their liaison before putting in a request. Please see below for a list of liaison group assignments and office hours.

If you have any issues with submission or have any questions please contact us at

Position Name Email Liaison Groups Office Hours
Committee ChairBen
(412) 648-7965
Governance GroupsBy appointment
Committee MemberMikayla W 11-1 Th 11-2
Committee MemberNathan McLaughlinnlm60@pitt.eduB, D W 3-6 Th 4-6
Committee MemberErin O'Rourkeero22@pitt.eduC T 2:30-4:30 W 2:30-4 Th 2:30-4
Committee MemberJahari Mercerjrm213@pitt.eduE-G T 3-5 Th 5-7 F 3-4
Committee MemberMorgan Ottleymao113@pitt.eduH-L W 2-5 Th 6-8
Committee MemberIsabel Weirisw6@pitt.eduM-O M 1:30-3 W 1:30-3 Th 1-3
Committee MemberMica Housemih116@pitt.eduP-Ph W 12-1, 5-7 Th 5-7
Committee MemberIlana Udleriyu1@pitt.eduPi-Pitt Q M, W 3-5 Th 4-5
Vice ChairAboli Kesbhataak97@pitt.eduPitt R-Pz T 4-4:50 Th 2:30-6 F 3:30-4:30
Committee MemberCaroline Goodwinclg108@pitt.eduQ-R, W-Z T 12:30-1:30 W 4-6 Th 12:30-2:30
Committee MemberDaniel Zuninodjz17@pitt.eduS M 10-12 W 10-12 F 11-12
Committee MemberHannah Chenroc76@pitt.eduT-V W 12-1, 5-7:30 Th 7-8:30

Important Updates

The IRS moving rate has been changed to $0.20 per mile for 2019. Please use this rate for all requests involving personal vehicles.

Requests involving costs for speakers, performers, etc. require contracts (through SORC) and must be submitted with enough time for an Allocations decision to be made at least 21 days before the event.

Important Resources

Quick Reference Guide

Looking to submit an allocations request?

  1. We suggest reaching out to your liaison prior to submission- they can help you put together the best request possible.
  2. The link to the supplemental form can be found to the left.
  3. Allocations hearings take place on Thursday nights for requests submitted by 5pm the Wednesday prior. Any requests greater than $1200 are also reviewed by the Board on the following Tuesday during Public Meeting.