The Office of the President is composed of the President, Chief of Staff, Communications Director, Assistant Communications Director, Press Secretary, Webmaster, Social Media Director, Events and Engagement Coordinator, and Visual Editor. The President is elected every Spring semester from the non-College of General Studies (non-CGS) student body in a general at-large election. The duties of the President include serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Student Government Board, coordinating the activities of the Student Government Board Office, serving as the Chief Advocate of the Student Body representing it in dealings with students of other universities, faculty, administration, governments at local, state, and federal levels, and more. A detailed overview of the President's position can be found in the SGB Governing Code. The remaining roles in the Office of the President are selected by the President once inaugurated. The Chief of Staff is responsible for supporting the President's initiatives while also managing several of Student Government Board's Student Services, such as the Conference Grant Program and the annual office & storage space allocations. The Communications Director is responsible for marketing SGB's resources and events in addition to developing and maintaining the brand of Student Government Board on campus.