Daniel Temmallo (he/him)

Board Candidate
Marlborough, MA
Political Science and Public & Professional Writing

Hey y’all! My name is Daniel Temmallo, and I am running to represent each and every one of you on the Student Government Board next year. I am currently a Freshman planning to major in Political Science and Public & Professional Writing. I serve as President of Sutherland Hall Council, leading a group of dedicated individuals to solve problems and run events for Sutherland Hall’s student body. I am thrilled to have this opportunity, and I hope y'all will give me a chance to fight for what you want here on campus! I grew up being taught the values of public service, community, and collaboration, and I want to bring those values with me to a higher level in the university. I want to be an ally and a friend for all students at Pitt, fighting for the changes you would like to see on campus. Amplifying your voices and hearing your concerns will be my number one priority as a board member, and I will always be open to hearing, and acting on, your concerns. I have numerous initiatives I would like to undertake should you give me a chance to take office. I will work on increasing communication from SGB to the student body via emails, which would both update our community on the happenings of SGB and provide a survey that students can fill out to let SGB know of their concerns. I will work with Pitt officials to make a more reliable internet connection throughout residence halls. I will make sure that those who teach diversity classes are community leaders that are qualified to speak about race, gender, and sexuality, to create a safe environment for every student. And I will continue to make sure that I am available for you to express your concerns to me, so that I can help create a better university experience for everybody. I may not have the prior SGB experience of some other candidates running, and I am certainly among the younger ones. But I think those give me a unique view of campus and the university, one that will make me a valuable voice on SGB. A voice for all of you, fighting for what you think this university should look like. I hope you all decide to give me this opportunity!