Public Art Competition Finalist

Andrea De Leon (she/her)

About Andrea as an artist: “As a daughter of immigrants, I take great pride in coming from parents who have set an example of endurance for me; especially my loving mother, who is the owner of a highly recognized bakery in Mexico. Growing up, I played with frosting piping bags and fondant that fostered my imagination and creativity. Since then, I have explored various forms of art, including photography, filmmaking, drawing, and painting murals. Today, I have gained a new perspective of creative advocacy, using art as a means to take my parents’ legacies to new distances and push at the boundaries of activism.”

Check out their art instagram: @andreadeleonnn

About their Design: “This mural celebrates the art of protest and change and emphasizes Pittsburgh as a city of bridges that is inclusive and welcoming to all. A collage of diverse individuals connecting to create a portrait serves as the focal point, surrounded by newspapers with coverage of social movements and events promoting equity. The vibrant colors and patterns used in the background feature the Pittsburgh skyline and bridges, seeking to install avenues for empowerment and ambition and calling for harmony and empathy. Overall, it aims to push at the limits of activism; cross the boundaries of humanity, create change through images, not just connecting each portrait, but taking leaps, bounding across the divides of race and politics and beliefs.”

Other Work: