Victoria Chuah

Board Candidate
Your Slate

Computer Science

Hey there, I’m Victoria Chuah, I’m a computer science major, and I’m running on your slate. Wait what? I mean my slate. I mean my slate which is called your slate because it’s really all about you!

This school can spend millions on sports teams, yet they can’t seem to and money to properly fund arts communities. There are dozens of different dance groups on campus, yet there isn’t an adequate amount of space for people to practice.

If the university is going to stop groups from using the Posvar ground floor, they have to provide alternative spaces for groups to practice in. The small amount of studio space that is provided now is often double-booked, or too small for some groups to fully rehearse. Especially with Greek life trying to use spaces for Greek sing now, it is next to impossible to get enough space for enough time in order to have effective rehearsals.

I want to push for larger dance spaces in the master plan for new buildings, as well as opening different spaces on campus back up to dance groups.

A vote for my slate, is a vote for YOUR slate.