Victor So

Board Candidate
Your Slate

My name is Victor So. So what? So cool and so ready to give the power back to you. So you can vote for YOUR slate.

Market Central is a gourmet restaurant! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about some things that need changing... As an RA, there are many problems that are frustrating to deal with, which makes any ordeal much more stressful. As a board member for SGB, I want to give students a better dining experience by working with the University to and provide better tasting and more inclusive options for our meal plans. I would like to help give students more transparency and exibility when requesting room changes. I also want to help revamp the room selection lottery system and make it simpler and give more assurances so that students may better plan for the following year.

Sodexo’s contract is expiring next year makes this a unique opportunity to get some real changes made to our dining. Making a choice like this shouldn’t be left to administration who doesn’t rely on Market Central for food, it should be left up to the students, and that’s something that I really want to go for.

A vote for my slate, is a vote for YOUR slate.