Current Surveys 2020-2021

SGB encourages all students to be active participants by completing surveys and providing feedback for improving Pitt's campus. Please fill out any surveys you find on this page. If you have specific ways you would like to see Pitt's campus change, please submit a Fix it Pitt form!

    Self-Care Day Survey

  • Student Government Board and Resident Student Association are currently working together to ensure that Self-Care Days prioritize the campus community's wellness and mental health. These survey results will help our organizations gain a deeper understanding of your experiences of Self-Care Days this year and how you would like to use/see these days in the future. This survey is eight questions long and will take 5-10 minutes to complete.
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  • Dean of Students Search Community Survey

  • The University of Pittsburgh is conducting a search for a new Dean of Students. Please use this survey to share your thoughts about the role. Your feedback will be a valuable resource for the search committee.
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  • 2021 SGB Elections Public Comment Feedback Form

  • The Student Government Board Elections Procedures Review Task Force wants your feedback on your thoughts and feelings regarding the 2021 SGB Election! The task force is reviewing ways in which the SGB Elections can improve in the future, and we want to make sure all students are heard on this matter. Please take a few minutes to submit your feedback today!
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