Tyler Viljaste

Board Candidate
Launch Slate
Pittsburgh, PA
Finance and Politics and Philosophy

Hi! My name is Tyler Viljaste, and I’m a sophomore in both the College of Business Administration and in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, pursuing a dual degree in Finance and Politics and Philosophy. Last year I was a member of the Student Government Board First Year Council, and now I am the Community and Governmental Relations Committee chair. I’m also a brother of Beta Theta Pi, Phi Alpha Delta (PAD - the pre-law professional fraternity), a member of the Parliamentary Debate Team, and a member of Eat@Pitt. I chose Pitt because it set me up for a successful launch into a future career as a human rights lawyer. I’m running for the Student Government Board so I can ensure other Pitt students have the same successful launch as I have, and ensure that they are equipped with the right tools for a proper landing upon graduation.

My initiatives are meant to uplift and support the various organizations that make this University great, while also taking steps to make changes to what I think are holding them back. My primary initiative is to help change the negative perception of Greek life on Pitt’s campus, for both professional and social fraternities. As a board member, I hope to uplift Greek life by investing more time and university resources into the philanthropic activities of IFC, NPHC and Panhel, such as Greek Sing and Greek Week, and the various professional and honor fraternities across campus to help change how Greek Life is perceived.

Another one of my initiatives is to help solve issues with dining services on campus. My initiative is three pronged: I will revise the meal plan and get rid of the $2,000 meal plan minimums for freshman students, I will work to bring in more local businesses like Millie’s to be a part of meal plans, and look into alternatives to Sodexo as they are up for contract renegotiation this year.

Finally, I will work to promote more cross-cultural diversity and inclusion on Pitt’s campus by supporting the creation of a LGBTQIA+ student resource center in the Union. I will also create more cross-cultural events, such as continuing my Immigrant Restaurant Speaker Series, to promote the diversity of the Pitt Student body. For every student’s launch to be successful, the University needs to uplift and empower students so that they have a successful flight and land in a solid place post-graduation. I sincerely hope that you decide to vote for me so that I can help make each student’s launch into the new decade a successful one. Hail to Pitt!