First Year Council

Kavish Saini

Hello! I’m a freshman bioengineering major interested in working with medical devices. Currently, I’m a part of BMES and Archery Club. I also have two cats named after Cocopuffs (One is coco and the other is puff). I’m looking forward to getting more involved within the student government board and bringing a positive change to the university.

Year: Freshman
Pronouns: He/Him
School: Swanson
Major/minor/certificate(s): Bioengineering
Fun fact: I play the ocarina and am learning
On campus I can be found: At any study lounge nearby
Favorite class you’re taking at Pitt: General Chemistry 1 with Wagner
Favorite TV show(s): Breaking Bad, Community, and Hunter x Hunter
Favorite movie(s): Interstellar, Goodfellas, and Whiplash
Favorite book(s): The Godfather and Life of Pi
Favorite quote: “I’m here for a good time not a long time”