Facilities, Technology, and Transportation

James Oosten

What’s good! I’m James, and I am a senior bioengineering major. I was born with a congenital deformity called Club Foot, but my physicians throughout my childhood have corrected the condition and allowed me to live my life like anybody else! I hope to pay that forward and be an orthopedic surgeon. I’ve had the pleasure of serving on SGB’s Facilities, Transportation, and Technology committee as a vice-chair since freshman year and am pumped to continue making big strides as the chair for the committee this year. I live in Jersey but was raised a Midwestern kid in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Michigan before moving to the coast in high school. Big Minnesota fan for all sports, though, so let me know if you share in my struggles…

Year: Senior

School: Swanson School of Engineering

Major: Bioengineering

Fun Fact: My dad taught me “automobile” as my first word

On Campus I can be Found: Benedum 24/7

Favorite Class Taken at Pitt: ENGR 0716: The Art of Making

Favorite TV show: How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Movie(s): Lord of the Rings

Favorite Book(s): Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell)

Favorite Quote:

This, too, shall pass