Cory Stillman

Board Candidate
Newton, PA
Film Studies

Hi, my name is Scott Glaser! I am from a small town called Peekskill about 50 minutes due north of New York City. I am a Junior at Pitt majoring in Political Science, with a minor in English Literature, and a certificate in Global Studies. I love learning about politics and different policies can be implemented. In fact, last year I went on a study abroad trip to Greece, the Czech Republic and Ireland where we studied public policy in each one of the countries. In turn, I learned how different cultural experiences can positively and negatively impact different policies.

My latest policy research has been in exploring affordable housing options in Pittsburgh, and how we could create a more equitable system. Through this research, I have discovered the inequities that off-campus students are faced with when having to put up with overly aggressive landlords. I would love to establish a tenants union that would allow students to band together to combat problems students have with their landlords.

Another initiative I have is to create a new type of mentorship program for new students who don't know what opportunities to look for or how to get involved. This would allow new students to look to their peers for opportunities with scholarships, research, and clubs.

Lastly, I want to create new programs for mental health awareness. I would like to help students identify when they need help, and this would be by creating a course that helps students identify when those around them might be struggling with mental health problems. I hope to create a service that would allow fellow students to report other students, if they feel as if something might be seriously wrong with someone’s mental health.

I hope I have your vote on election day. Hail to Pitt!