Ravi Gandhi

Presidential Candidate
Your Slate
Old Bridge, NJ

Hi! I’m Ravi, I’m an engineer, and I’m running on your slate. Wait what? I mean my slate. I mean my slate which is called YOUR slate because it’s really all about you!

I love Pitt; in fact, Cathy is the only woman to ever make me question my sexuality.

But some things here aren’t so great. Allocations, for example, a disaster. Student groups – often isolated. And admin decisions about student wants or needs usually don’t have any student input. I’m running to bring [1] transparency (release the whole allocations budget & all decisions to the public! – if it’s all honest then why hide it?), [2] connectivity (connecting different student groups – lowkey matchmaking, kind of an expert), and [3] student advocacy (when the Sodexo contract expires next year, students should be able to vote for their favorite option, not admins who’ve never stepped foot into Market!).

I feel like lately SGB has fallen into the trap of solving problems that don’t really exist, probably cause SGB doesn’t really talk to students (and I oop). I currently chair the Diversity and Inclusion committee, which is the most student-facing committee in SGB. We love and welcome complaints, survey students to nd out the scope of issues, and then aggressively work on the fastest solutions. I want to bring that to all of SGB – I want us to start talking to students again! What’d you say? A vote for my slate, is a vote for YOUR slate!