Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SGB?

Student Government Board (SGB) is the governing body of the non-College of General Studies undergraduate student population at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh campus. SGB exists to promote the concerns, interests, needs and welfare of the student body of the Pittsburgh campus by initiating, developing and maintaining programs and services that meet the needs and interests of the student body. SGB also strives to facilitate communication and interaction between the members of the student body and University Community and to allocate the Student Activities Fee in a fair and equitable manner.

2. Who are my liaisons? Why do I have two? What do they do?

If your organization received an email from a liaison, they are either your Allocations liaison or your Board liaison- the email shall indicate which. Your allocations liaison is there to help you through the Allocations process, before or after you request for funding from the Committee. Your Board liaison is there to aid you with more general inquiries that can range from booking a room for an event, to general grievances about campus. In the case that your request is going to the Board for final approval, you can reach out to your Board liaison who can answer any questions you may have.

3. How do I request for money?

The Allocations process is there to be an aid to student groups and allow them to better fulfill their goals on campus. If you click here, you will find the online supplemental request form, which you can use to submit a request on behalf of your student organization. Before you do so, we recommend you to attend an Allocations 101 session, or contact your Allocations liaison, both of which are available under the Allocations page.

4. Where can I find you?

Our office is located on the 8th floor of the Union in suite 848! Stop by during business hours to talk to an SGB representative.

5. What do I have to do to get involved?

The primary misconception people have about SGB is that you have to be elected or have prior involvement in SGB to make an impact through the organization. This is not at all the case. You can check out our website for background information on our conditional committees, all of which have open membership year long. If you are interested, reach out to the respective committee chair, and they will be happy to give you more information on when and how to get involved.

If your question is not listed above, feel free to reach out to the President of the Board! Thank you for being an interested and involved member of the student body; we are happy to hear from you.