Pitt Votes

Primary Elections are being held on Tuesday, May 16th 2017

Local officials have a large impact on the University and surrounding communities, so make your voice heard! If you're not going to be in Pittsburgh on election day but are registered to vote at your address here, you can request an absentee ballot by May 9th!

To apply for an Absentee Ballot you must fill out an application or request for a ballot to the Allegheny County Division of Elections by 5 pm on the Tuesday before the Primary Election (May 9th). You can apply here

Where's my polling location?
Remember, polling locations are open 7am – 8pm on election day (Tuesday, May 16th 2017). As long as you are in line before the 8pm deadline you are entitled to vote!

Pitt Voting FAQs:

Election day is Tuesday, May 16th across the Pennsylvania. Voting locations are open 7am – 8pm.
Yes, you do. Acceptable forms of ID include: a photo ID Issued by any Pennsylvania Agency or the US Government, a US passport, or a US Armed Forces ID
There are many polling places around Pitt’s campus, and yours will vary based on your residence hall or off-campus location. To find yours, you can check using your registration information here. If you’re registered at home or won’t be in Oakland on election day, you can use an absentee ballot.
Pennsylvania follows a closed primary system. You can ONLY vote in the primary for the party that you’re registered for. If you’re a registered Republican, you can only vote in the Republican Primary. If you’re a registered Democrat, you can only vote in the Democratic Primary. If you’re a registered independent, you will not be able to vote in any primary election.
  • Bill Peduto
    -Incumbent Mayor of Pittsburgh, Former City Councilman of 12 years
    -Plans to rebuild the City governments technology system
    -Wants to move to a community-based approach to policing increasing public safety
    -Wants to continue to promote a high-tech future
  • Reverend John C. Welch
    -Dean of Students of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Head Police Chaplain of Pittsburgh
    -Wants to provide more affordable housing
    -Plans to spread economic growth to areas who have traditionally not benefited from development
    -Wants to improve and develop better community-police relations
  • Councilwoman Darlene Harris
    -City Councilwoman of 6 years, Former School Board President
    -Emphasizes traditional core voter concerns
    -Wants to improve the efficiency of city services
    -Plans to promote public safety through heightening the moral of the Department of Public Safety