Nadine Sadaka (she/her)

Board Candidate
Vision Slate
Pittsburgh, PA
Emergency Medicine

Hi! I’m Nadine, a pre-med student, and I’m running on the Vision slate. And no, I’m not talking about 20/20 vision; we all know how that year went. College is costly. Just like you, every semester, I have to buy expensive textbooks from the University Store. We shouldn’t have to pay more for academic resources. I aim to give students cost-transparency about textbooks and provide low-cost, free books. Additionally, I’ll work with the administration to create more affordable clothing; after all, no one has room for a $70 jacket with all that student debt! As an RA, I notice many issues, one being no tampons in the residence hall bathrooms. Being a woman, I understand how period poverty increases the risk of depression, anxiety, and further financial barriers. As the mental health vice-chair of SGB, I helped increase the availability and awareness of mental health resources. We already deal with academic pressures that negatively affect our mental and physical health. I plan to give students financial relief and offer free menstrual products across the campus. I am passionate about building a more inclusive and supportive atmosphere for mental illness and health overall. As a board member, I plan to continue to minimize economic stressors and alleviate the mental health toll many students face. That’s my 2021 vision!