Public Art Competition Finalist

Millie Rodriguez (they/them)

About Millie, as an artist: “Using art as the medium to connect my perception, experiences, and emotions into strapping pieces for other people to absorb and build upon.”

Check out their art instagram: @confiscatedrubberband

About their Design: "This mural paints a future. And so do we. The collaborative colors that flow through this piece embody a future where ALL marginalized communities, including Black, Brown, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, Disabled, and Poor communities, have moved past any of our current conceptions of freedom. This is a future that we walk towards together; we're not free unless we're all free. This piece, much like the future, needs to be built together. I've dedicated space for any artist, which is everyone, to fill in what their future looks like. Any space left blank is meant to be, and encouraged to be, filled in by Pittsburgh community members. This mural has a flow that, upon inspection, reveals a story of a future that's unfolding right in front of me. I see it on campus, in my personal life, with my neighbors, my family, my friends, and my community. *NOTE*: This submission is only a concept, the final design is meant to have less blank space and more faces.”

Other Work