Lynn Dang

Board Candidate
Hershey, PA

Hello! My name is Lynn Dang, and I am running for the position of Board Member on the University of Pittsburgh’s Student Government Board. I am a freshman Accounting major. I currently serve on SGB’s Facilities, Technology, and Transportation Committee and its First Year Council. Outside of SGB, I enjoy volunteering around the city with the Service Leadership Committee of PittServes, working out with CHAARG, and meeting new people!

If elected Board Member, my top initiatives would include: -developing SGB into a liaison between different parties for campus-wide initiatives, connecting student leaders to create more widespread and intersectional effects -implementing more public health initiatives in dorms to help new students transition to college more smoothly with knowledge of sex education and proper nutrition -furthering current compost initiatives by enhancing the use of current bins and placing more around dining areas -introducing a greater use of the alumni network with personalized advising from alumni in the Career Center, similar to the EIR program in Pitt Business

Board membership has a history of only upperclassmen representation. Student government exists to help the entire student body, so why shouldn’t we have more underclassmen serve on the board? ALL students’ valid concerns and great ideas should be listened to with an open mind. You can reach me at to discuss my platform, tell me about your own ideas to better campus, or just make a new friend! Thank you, and Hail to Pitt!