Kathryn Fleisher

Board Candidate
Voices Slate
Cleveland, OH
Politics and Philosophy & Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

My name is Kathryn Fleisher and I’m a junior studying Politics & Philosophy and Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. I’m also humbled and excited to be running for Student Government Board. I’m running for SGB for one simple reason: I believe that the University of Pittsburgh has the potential (and the obligation) to challenge each of us to be better academics, better citizens, and better people. But in order for that growth to occur, our basic needs must be met and we must feel listened to by the University. Unfortunately, however, this doesn't always happen.

If elected Board Member, my top initiatives would include:
1) Require student voices to be present wherever and whenever decisions about students are being made. As students, we are essentially shareholders in the University, so if decisions are being made about us, we deserve to be at the table. In working on this issue, I will ensure that the students most impacted by certain decisions are the ones at that table (i.e. decisions about tuition should include students who rely on financial aid, decisions about policing should include students of color, decisions about accessibility should include students with disabilities, etc...).
2) Improve physical and mental health accessibility and accommodations. Ideally, this effort will include pushing for increased staffing in the Disability Resources and Services (DRS) office, building out a more comprehensive list of possible mental health accommodations for students struggling with mental health, and better informing students about their right to mental health accommodations as is ensured by the ADA.
3) Increase (and make relevant, meaningful, and inclusive) civic and community engagement opportunities on campus. We must generate a comprehensive and accessible pathway for civic participation and growth for all members of the University community through collaborative campus engagement. A broad assortment of civic learning opportunities — spanning from community-engaged research, to community organizing, to philanthropy, to social entrepreneurship — must be accessible to all students

As a candidate for SGB, I promise to bring all of my experience, ideas, and passion to my position. But, above all, I promise to listen to your VOICE, to raise mine, and to partner with you on building a better Pitt for all.