Joseph Allan Landsittel (he/him)

Presidential Candidate
Vision Slate
Pittsburgh, PA
Applied Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy

Hello all! My name is Joe Landsittel, and I am a junior studying physics and math. Over the past two years, I have loved serving as an RA, listening to and learning from a diverse group of students. I am the sixth member of my family to go to this school and a native of Pittsburgh. I am running for Student Government President in order to make SGB a more inclusive and transparent organization. I believe that SGB should be open to all students, and that it should actively communicate with the student body so that it can represent the voice of all of us.

This means that we have a vision of an inclusive SGB that welcomes people with different ideas and different backgrounds – a transparent SGB that clearly presents how the student activities fee is being distributed on their website – an attentive SGB that forges strong, long lasting connections with student organizations. SGB should take a two-step approach to action: (1) it should listen to the concerns of the students and bring student leaders from across campus into the room when issues are being discussed, and (2) it should work with student groups to rally the student body behind goals such as fossil fuel divestment. This is our vision – will you help us move it forward?