Interested in running for SGB?

The information below details everything you need to know about running for SGB: when it happens, how it happens, and who can help.

How to Run for Board: An Overview

This March, Pitt undergraduates will elect one new President and 8 new board members to represent them for the 2020-2021 school year. These candidates are elected by a simple majority of the voting student population. See below for more detailed information about running for Board:

General Requirements

  • Students interested in running for board must be full time registered non-CGS undergraduate students on the Oakland campus of the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Students must also have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher and be in good standing with the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Click Here for 2021 Elections Candidate Application Instructions!

Individual Campaigns vs. Slates

  • Individual students can run for either president or a board position.
  • Candidates can also run together as a slate. In this case, one student will run for president and up to 3 will run for board positions; it is not necessary to have a presidential candidate to run as a slate. One non-CGS undergraduate student can serve as a campaign manager for a slate.

Important Dates

Public Disclosure of Election Infractions

  • Tuesday, March 2nd: Joint Statement Regarding the Decision to Disqualify Vision Slate

  • Monday, March 1st: Public Statement by the Elections Committee regarding the Vision Slate.

  • Monday, March 1st: Sanctions for Elections Code Infraction
  • Voters Guide

    • Click here to view the 2021 Student Government Board Voter's Guide!

    Endorsements and Finances

    To submit questions, suggestions, or comments related to SGB elections, Click Here.

    For more information about application packets, petition forms, informational videos, and other questions email elections chair Olivia Bartholomew at!