The Candidates

2020 SGB elections are just around the corner! Get to know the candidates by clicking on their photos to learn more about the individual! As always, make sure to vote on February 25th from 8am-8pm on your homepage.

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Voices Slate

The University of Pittsburgh attracts students from as far as the other side of the globe to as close as the other side of town, but we are all here for the same reason: to get a world-class education from an institution that prides itself on academic rigor and innovative research.

The Pitt experience is, however, about so much more than what happens in our classrooms, studios, and labs. We believe that in order to create a strong, holistic community, we must give the same amount of attention and concern to all aspects of students’ lives as we do to their academic endeavors. To build a better University community for all students, we plan to use a powerful instrument we all have access to: our voices. As candidates for Student Government Board, we promise to listen to your voice, to empower others to use theirs, and to use ours to demand the change that we know is both possible and necessary. From combating food insecurity to improving access to affordable, safe off-campus housing; from filling the gaps in our mental health services to building meaningful student representation in University governance; from fighting for responsible investing practices to advocating for a Pitt Police student review board, we will use our collective voices to advocate for the issues that mean the most to us and that define our college experiences. We believe in the power and validity of your voice. We hope that you can put your trust in ours. We can’t do this alone, nor do we want to. In this 2020 election, will you help us move Pitt forward?

(Pictured left to right)
Eric Macadangdang (Presidential Candidate), Kathryn Fleisher (Board Candidate), Ben King (Board Candidate), Annalise Abraham (Board Candidate)

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Launch Slate

Each and every one of us is undergoing their own launch into the new decade. With so many variables to take into consideration, it can seem daunting - even impossible - to ensure a successful launch. At the current moment, Pitt students are facing barriers that are seemingly out of their control. Students in Greek Life are dealing with issues surrounding their negative image. Students forced into paying for wasteful and expensive $2,000+ meal plans, and our dining providers have continually failed to meet expectations on health standards. Moreover, LGBTQ students still do not have a dedicated space on campus to call home. We want to rid students of these barriers to successful launches, while also empowering students in their flight paths to greatness beyond graduation. We want to reduce the needless costs required to pursue essential internship opportunities. We also want to provide students with the tools to become more civically engaged in this pivotal election year, and work with service organizations on campus to collaborate with one another and expand their reach and impact.

From working to better civic engagement on campus, helping restore Greek Life’s image, reforming internship credits, revamping the meal plan and creating an LGBTQ student center in the Union, there are many things that can be done to ensure students’ successful launches. These challenges can be met, but not without a dedicated slate as your launch crew. Vote Launch to propel yourselves into a successful decade and beyond!

(Pictured left to right)
Tyler Viljaste (Board Candidate), Cedric Humphrey (Board Candidate)


Your Slate

Hi! This is YOUR slate!

We're running this slate cause we had an issue with the lack of communication between the student government... and students.

We're all about connectivity, transparency, and student advocacy. As an urban campus, Pitt is inherently decentralized, so we feel like it's SGBs responsibility to unify different student groups (as it's the head of them all). If your friend told you he/she/they were setting you up on a blind date with someone who was your type at a fancy restaurant ~all expenses paid~ would you go? Cause we sure as hell would. Expect here, the date is a collab between different but similar orgs (that SGB sets up!), and the expenses paid is a hefty collab grant. Speaking of grants, we're very disgruntled with allocations. If everything's fair and honest it should be open to the public! -- something we promise to do if we're elected. And finally, we think that students should be involved in decisions affecting them, not admins around a table who think they know best. Students should be able to vote/comment on new bids for a dining contract - I've never seen admin in Market so why’re they picking?

We wanna be peers you can rely on. We can't anticipate the next Posvar dance team ban or crisis on campus, but we can promise we'll do everything in our power to make sure you're heard and represented. This is all about you, so we hope you vote for YOUR slate!

(Pictured left to right)
Ravi Gandhi (Presidential Candidate), Victoria Chuah (Board Candidate), Victor So (Board Candidate), Katie Richmond (Board Candidate)

Aman Reddy (Board Candidate)