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582 Bridges

There are 582 registered student organizations in SORC and we believe that since Pittsburgh is the City of Bridges, it is also symbolic for the countless connections and impacts student organizations have on the student body. Our mission is to help keep that connection alive and stronger every day by being your bridge workers and maintenance crew.

We plan on updating the EMS room booking system to encompass all available rooms on campus. Also, we plan on getting SORC to continuously keep an updated list of active organizations, and also keeping transparency by returning emails and sending confirmation emails. Another initiative we want to start is to have more student organizations and Greek Life be directly active in special weeks like Sexual Assault Awareness Week and Mental Health Awareness Week.

(Pictured left to right)
Albert Tanjaya (Board Candidate), Nicholas Bibby (Board Candidate), Zechariah Brown (Board Candidate)

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Our slate aims to uphold the Legacy of excellence Pitt has cultivated since its founding in 1787. All of our efforts are concentrated on the aspect that elevates Pitt above the rest: the student. By focusing on students at the individual level, and by working on behalf of the entirety of the student body, we hope to serve as the voice of our student body to enact meaningful change.

The achievements of Pitt are immeasurable, and we hope to create an atmosphere that inspires the continuation of this remarkable trend. Jonas Salk and the Polio vaccine. The first liver transplant program in the country. The tallest educational building in the Western Hemisphere. 323,883 successful and influential living alumni. The top public university in the Northeast. These are merely snippets of the greatness that Pitt exudes, and the history we are already a part of. This is Pitt’s Legacy.

Some might say that we are just another chapter in Pitt’s illustrious, 230+ year history. We disagree. We will cement our story in Pitt’s history books as one of the most active and successful undergraduate classes this university has ever seen. This is our Legacy.

(Pictured left to right)
Matthew Jones (Board Candidate), Noah Rubin (Board Candidate)


We are the Neighbors slate. The name of our slate represents the neighborhood campus atmosphere we want to create at Pitt. The name, Neighbors, originates from the hit TV show based out of Pittsburgh, Mr. Rogers. Our mission is simple: To make sure all students on Pitt campus are represented and feel welcome on campus. We are running for Student Government Board to spread this mission to the core of each Panther, that when you are a student at Pitt, you are a part of a neighborhood. Our team's initiatives reach out to as many groups as we can, and we are here to listen to your voices as well. Won't you be my neighbor?

(Pictured left to right)
Saket Rajprohat (Presidential Candidate), Jahari Mercer (Board Candidate), Pooja Humar (Board Candidate), Cole Dun (Board Candidate)

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We are the Horizon Slate and we hope to represent the University of Pittsburgh student body! Every Pitt student has a unique past, present, and future on their horizon. We want to work across all demographics to provide every student with the resources necessary to achieve their goals and continuously move forward. College is a time of discovery and we aim to expand the opportunities available for students so that each of us can learn, change, and grow to be our best selves. Given the diverse experiences of our team, we believe we are best suited to serve the Pitt community and keep our eyes on the horizon! Thank you and as always, Hail to Pitt!

(Pictured left to right)
Maggie Kennedy (Presidential Candidate), Rajaab Nadeem (Board Candidate), Cory Stillman (Board Candidate), Jessa Chong (Board Candidate)

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