Jessa Chong

Board Candidate
Bridgewater, NJ
Political Science and Communications

Hi, my name is Jessa Chong and I am a sophomore studying Political Science and Communications with a Certificate in Global Studies. I currently serve as the Chair of the Community and Governmental Relations Committee on Student Government Board. I am also an officer for Delta Delta Delta and a member of Pitt Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations, and I am running for the for the position of Board Member on Pitt’s Student Government Board! I have been privileged to work with so many amazing and diverse students here at Pitt who have shared with me their experiences and stories and have given me inspiration to improve the lives of students in any way I can.

I plan to continue my work that I have done as Chair of Community and Governmental Relations by continuing to create a sense of community in Oakland between both students and permanent residents. This would entail working with SGB committees as well as local organizations to clean up South Oakland and provide appropriate means of garbage disposal for college students, as well as ensuring that Pitt provides its students with reasonably-priced healthy options and fresh produce at on-campus dining and take out facilities like Market To Go and Quick Zone. In continued support of a healthy lifestyle for students I would like to work with the University as well as the Facilities, Technology and Transportation Committee on SGB to provide more exercise space and equipment for students who are living on lower campus. Moving forward, I would also like to look into putting a coffee cart in the William Pitt Union. Not only am I concerned with students’ current wellbeing, but I also want to work on ensuring their future success. I plan to work with the Career Development and Placement Assistance Office on improving the processes and resources available for students. Modeling it off of other universities’ successful programs, I aim to help CDPA provide in-depth and hands-on tools for students to succeed through finding alumni connections and resources specific to their major and career track. Another important component of this initiative would be aiding students in the process of applying and interviewing for internships and jobs.

Through my experiences here at Pitt I have been lucky enough to see the impact that SGB can have on campus and in the community. I want to use these resources to positively influence the lives of all Pitt students with the goal of reaching individual, campus, and community development and success. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me at . Thank you, and Hail to Pitt!