The Health and Wellness Committee is dedicated to improving the physical health, mental health, nutritional health, and overall lifestyle for undergraduate students on Pitt's campus. We have accomplished many things including hosting a campus wide wellness event called "Mind, Body, Peace" day, hosting an event for sexual assault prevention and awareness called the "Undy 500, Race Against Sexual Assault," created "Healthy Happenings"- our monthly wellness newsletter, implementing 40 more hand sanitizer stations across campus, working with Sodexo to improve the Dining Hall options, working with PittServes to create Pitt's first Food Pantry and holding food drives for the Pitt Food Pantry, and many more!

Email Chair Maggie Kennedy at mck58@pitt.edu for more information on how to join. Chair Office Hours: Monday 4-6PM, Wednesday 12PM-3PM.

Spring meeting time is on Mondays from 6-7PM in WPU 538!