Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee serves as a liaison between the students and administration to convey opinions and impact change on academic aspects of the University. Our goal is to represent the student’s best interest by influencing the policies and curriculum that shape our education. Current projects include, but are not limited to, establishing specialized advising sessions, modifying freshman orientation modules and Canvas, and developing a financial literacy program for incoming freshmen at PittStart. If you have any suggestions for new projects, or are interested in joining the committee - please contact the committee chair, Bella Stash, at (Office Hours: Monday: 2-5, Wednesday: 2-4)

Committee meetings will be held in WPU Dining Room C every Wednesday at 8pm. Anyone is welcome! Email Bella if you are interested.

2021-2022 Academic Affairs Committee

  • TBD Executive Vice Chair
  • TBD School of Business Vice Chair
  • TBD School of Engineering Vice Chair
  • TBD School of Computing and Information Vice Chair
  • TBD Pre-med/ Pre-health Vice Chair

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