Student Government Board

The Board

The Board is composed of a President and eight Board Members, all of whom are elected from the non-College of General Studies (non-CGS) student body in a general at-large election.

The Board functions as the executive and upper legislative branches of the Student Government Board. The members of the Board are the official representatives of the student body to the University Community, as well as outside organizations at the local, state and federal levels.

Public meetings of the Board must be held at least once every two weeks although the Board typically meets every week on Tuesday at 8:45 pm in Nordy's Place. Due to the occasional Student Government Board event public meeting may need to be rescheduled. Please check our public meeting calendar for any potential schedule changes.

The President of Student Government Board serves as the spokesperson of the Board in all matters relating to official business. Please contact President Maggie Kennedy at with any general inquires.

The Board

Position Name Email Liaison Groups Office Hours
PresidentMaggie Kennedysgbpresident@pitt.eduSAAGsBy Appointment
Board Member and Executive Vice PresidentJahari Mercerjrm213@pitt.eduN-O T 2-6, Th 3-6, F 12-3
Board Member and Vice President and Chief of FinanceCory Stillmancory.stillman@pitt.eduQ-S M 1-3, T 1-2:30, W 1-3 & 4:15-6, Th 1-2:30, F 1-3
Board Member and Vice President and Chief of CabinetJessa Chongjac393@pitt.eduK-M M 11-3, W 11-3, F 1-3
Board MemberPooja Humarpoh6@pitt.eduPitt M - Pz M 11-1, T 12-2 & 3-5, Th 12-2, F 11-1
Board MemberRajaab Nadeemmrn29@pitt.eduA-C M 11:30-2:30, T 5:30-7:30, W 11:30-2:30 & 5-7
Board MemberCole Dunncsd44@pitt.eduD-H M 2-4, T 3:15-7:45, W 12:15-4:45, F 2-3
Board MemberZechariah Brownzeb8@pitt.eduP - Pitt L T 3-7, W 3-6, Th 11-2
Board MemberAlbert Tanjayaalbert.tanjaya@pitt.eduT-Z T 12-2 & 4-7:45, Th 1-4, F 1-3
Chief of StaffAmi Fallagf34@pitt.eduN/A W 11:30-2, F 12:30-3
Operations DirectorJon Shaikenjos202@pitt.eduN/A W 12-3, F 12-2
Art DirectorAlex Kimadk67@pitt.eduN/A T 12:15-2:15, T 4-5, Th 12:15-2:15