2017-2018 Task Forces

Established by the Board

Purpose: Task Forces are small teams that are assembled by the current Board and President. Each Task Force is comprised of students from within SGB as well as students outside of SGB. They are created to achieve a specific goal (or a few small but related goals) that are designated high priority and high collaboration tasks by the Board. Membership on a task force is by appointment, though anyone who is interested in joining a task force is encouraged to email the chair of that task force or President Max Kneis at sgbpres@pitt.edu.

Mission Statement:
The Constitutional Review Task force was assembled by the President to conduct a periodic review of the SGB Constitution. According to the Constitution, revisions can be initiated by this group proposing changes that "shall be approved by a simple majority of students participating in the referendum, with a minimum of three percent of the student body participating." This referendum will occur in conjunction with the Presidential & Board elections on February 20th.

The current SGB Constitution can be viewed here

  • Seth Erlanger
  • Niki Iyer
  • Jan Niec
  • Kate Shindle
  • Ian Snyder

Mission Statement:
The Governance Group Task force was assembled by the President to create a more uniform definition of student organization governance groups, often referred to as "SAAGs". This task force will draft a memo including, but not limited to, the definition of a governance group, its responsibilities, and process to apply for governance group status.

  • Ian Callahan
  • Peter Crouch
  • Ellie Foley
  • Zuri Kent-Smith
  • Max Kneis
  • Alyssa Laguerta
  • Ian Snyder