Judicial Committee


The Judicial Committee works to foster an ethical working environment both within the University of Pittsburgh Student Government Board and within the academic community as a whole. One of our key roles is to serve as the adjudicating body and appellate court for conflicts within student organizations and the Student Government Board. Furthermore, we seek to provide the student body with a well-structured and transparent Constitution to guide the multitude of student affairs and activities that compose Pitt life.

For more information, email Chair Marina Sullivan at mds131@pitt.edu Office Hours:TBD

2017-2018 Judicial Committee

  • John Boyer
  • Brian Crowley
  • Molly Oken
  • Tejal Patel
  • Katrine Schechter
  • Abby Siecinski
  • Natalie Simmons
  • Kaushik Venkatesh
  • Noah Coco (alternate)