2017-2018 Ad Hoc Committees

Established by the Board

Purpose: Ad Hoc Committees are typically created in situations where a task force does not apply but the Board is interested in exploring a new committee. These committees are typically lead by one or two board members and open to all students. Anyone who is interested in joining an ad hoc committee is encouraged to email the chair of that committee or President Max Kneis at sgbpres@pitt.edu.

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee acts a group to support the University’s initiatives in diversity and inclusion and to advocate for cultural competency on campus.


The committee is currently working on the following projects:
  • Drafting By-laws- the committee is working the create the by-laws to codify the D&I Committee in the Governing Code as a Conditional Committee
  • Human Rights Conference - a conference that aims to mobilize different activism movements happening in the local community on campus
  • Working with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion on the Institutional Concerns Protocol

SGB and Sodexo have teamed up to serve our campus better! Every few Friday's Sodexo managers gather to hear suggestions about Pitt's food and dining serves from our students. Grub Club offers a truly unique opportunity to have direct contact with the people in charge of changing dining services. In addition to providing feedback, executive chefs from Market serves a delicious meal to all the students who attend. Meetings are typically held every few Fridays at 2pm in the Lower Lounge of the William Pitt Union. Check out the committee's social media, sign up for the email list, or contact the leadership for specific dates, times, and locations.

Remaining Eat & Greet Dates:
All take place from 2-3pm in the WPU Lower Lounge unless otherwise noted
  • December 1st
  • December 8th
  • January 19th WPU Kurtzman Room
  • February 2nd
  • February 16th WPU 548
  • March 16th
  • March 20th
  • April 13th
  • April 20th WPU Ballroom