Eric Macadangdang

Presidential Candidate
Voices Slate
McKees Rocks, PA
Urban Studies and Philosophy of Science

My name is Eric Macadangdang, and I'm a junior majoring in Urban Studies and History & Philosophy of Science, and I am running to be Student Government Board President for this upcoming academic year. For my entire undergraduate career, I have been involved in Student Government Board: a member of the First Year Council during my first year, the chair of the Wellness Committee during my sophomore year, and an elected board member this year. Over the course of over two and a half years, I have been afforded the incredible opportunity to collaborate and work with passionate students, faculty, and administration from every part of this campus. It’s led me to help lead the planning of the last two Mental Health Awareness Months, co-write a resolution to call for support of labor rights at the University, work closely with the Wellness Center on substantial changes to counseling services, and collaborate with University partners on the implementation of menstrual product dispensers across campus.

If elected President, my top initiatives would include: Creating and administering a campus-wide survey to students to gauge what the highest needs and priorities are for undergraduate students and to create a long-term plan for SGB based on these results, Having a more visible presence on campus with frequent tabling, traveling office hours, and bringing SGB members to student organization meetings, Generating channels of communication for students to give continual input to University-wide initiatives, and Setting clear goals and initiatives for SGB representatives to bring forth to the Board of Trustees and University Senate Committees.

My overall vision for Student Government Board is to transform it into an active advocate and ally to students by meeting people where they are, garnering real feedback to guide our actions, and working to ensure the University sees students more than just numbers or bodies in a classroom. I have been a witness to the amazing work and change students can make at Pitt, and I know from my experience that Student Government Board can be a vehicle for this work and change with proper leadership and a strong mindset. It’s time our VOICES are heard and we continue to use it for a more just campus. I want to give back to a community that has given me so much, and I hope you will consider giving me the opportunity to do so.