Cory Stillman

Board Candidate
Newton, PA
Film Studies

My name is Cory Stillman, and I am a sophomore Film Studies major, with a minor in Creative Writing, and certificates in both Global Studies and Corporate/Community Relations. I currently serve as the Chairman of the SGB Allocations Committee, and I hope to represent you next year on the University of Pittsburgh Student Government Board! My work with Allocations, along with my involvement with WPTS Radio and Beta Theta Pi fraternity, has exposed me to a diverse array of student experiences here at Pitt, and I am eager to continue improving the campus experience for everyone!

I hope to create a series of tools that student groups can use to simplify and better understand the Allocations process. These tools would include various training videos that outline the Allocations process, as well as online applications that would provide organizations with personalized information in regards to their Allocations funding. I also hope to implement a new system that allows all competitive organizations— not just club sports— to receive greater funding in return for their fundraising efforts.

My ambitions for this university move beyond my experience with Allocations, however. As a Film Studies major, I understand the difficulties associated with studying in the media and the arts. I will work with the Office of Career Development & Placement Assistance as well as any other related departments to develop more opportunities for students in such majors, and potentially secure greater funding for relevant student groups. I am especially interested in working with any department that develops content or employs AV services— such as Athletics, for example— to create internships exclusive to Pitt students. There are countless opportunities across campus, and it only makes sense that Pitt students are able to take advantage of them.

I also hope to work towards the creation of a LGBTQIA+ Resource Center that can assist students who may be struggling with their sexuality, or that can simply act as a safe space for students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Similar spaces exist on college campuses across the country, so it is imperative that Pitt follows suit and accommodates its students accordingly. The Resource Center would need to be fully staffed and easily accessible, likely occupying space in one of our two student unions, and established in collaboration with Rainbow Alliance, Campus Women’s Organization, and any other relevant student organizations.

I will also work with the Office of Freshman Programs to incorporate more relevant topics and skills into their courses, focusing more on social aspects of college life, and providing students with organizations they might be interested in. And even as Oakland moves towards receiving its much-needed grocery store, I hope to explore the possibility of partnering with a local grocery store or organization to create a delivery program for students, providing students with fresh produce at a reasonable price. Lastly, I will look into ways of creating more space for student groups to meet, practice, dance, etc. More specifically, I will explore ways to open more classrooms for student groups to use after class times, and look into creative solutions for dance and song practice spaces.

I have been lucky enough to find success here at Pitt due to an incredible community of students around me, and my goal is that with each of my initiatives, every student can find their own definition of success. I am incredibly passionate about the University of Pittsburgh, and I hope to turn that passion into results next year on the Student Government Board. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me at Thank you and Hail to Pitt!