Cole Dunn

Board Candidate
Wexford, PA
Finance and Accounting

Hello! My name is Cole Dunn and I am running for the position of Board Member of the 2018-2019 University of Pittsburgh Student Government Board. I am currently a sophomore in the College of Business Administration majoring in Finance and Accounting, while minoring in Political Science and Economics and also pursuing the Certificate Program in Data Analytics. I am currently serving as the VP of Finance for Phi Beta Lambda and am also a member of the Socially Responsible Investment Portfolio. I am a brother of the fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, and have served as a board member of the Undergraduate Finance Club. These opportunities, as well as others, have given me experiences that I feel would help me serve as an effective Board Member and achieve my goal of improving the experience of all my Neighbors here at the University of Pittsburgh.

Since I started my great experience at Pitt, I have taken notice of many things that could be improved across campus. Whether they be academic, economic or social issues, I believe that serving as a member of the SGB Board will allow me the ability to make a tangible change on each and every one of those fronts. First, I believe there should be an increase in the efficiency and accessibility of room reservations to give more students the ability to reserve study and work spaces. In addition, I believe Teacher Assistants should also have the ability to rent rooms so that they can have consistent resources to benefit their classes. Second, I will advocate for Pitt to provide a subsidy for students making testing materials studying for graduate school and other post-graduate standardized tests more affordable. Lastly, I am also working on an initiative to create a bridge between Pitt Athletics and the student body to develop a better relationship and increase school spirit for all of our athletic events.

I am extremely excited and humbled by the opportunity to run for board and it would be an honor to serve on this campus. Please feel free to reach out to me at with any and all questions. Thank you and Hail to Pitt!