Cedric Humphrey

Board Candidate
Harrisburg, PA
Political Science

My name is Cedric Humphrey and I am running for the position of Board Member on our Student Government Board. I am a sophomore majoring in Political Science with a minor in French and an intended minor in Economics. I am currently a Community Assistant, volunteering at the Center That Cares in the Hill District, working through the Pitt CEC. I am also a member of the Pitt Club Handball Team. As a student, I know from experience how easy it is to not notice the little things on campus. However, I think that SGB should affect each student so greatly it’d be impossible to miss. As a CEC Community Assistant this current school year my eyes have been opened to the wonderful work we do as a school in the community and the wonderful rewards that service offers. If elected, I will advocate for initiatives that help expand existing campus wide service opportunities, such as PMADD. I have learned so much since beginning college over a year ago and very thankful for the amazing environment we create here in Oakland. I am motivated, grateful, and eager for this opportunity to serve as a voice for our student body. You can reach out to me by email at CLH185@pitt.edu. Thank you and Hail to Pitt!