Cedric Humphrey

Board Candidate
Launch Slate
Harrisburg, PA
Political Science and Economics

Hi, my name is Cedric Humphrey! I am a junior from Harrisburg, PA currently studying Political Science and Economics with a French minor and a certificate in Transatlantic studies. I am an intern for the University’s Office of Community and Governmental Relations, the Vice- President of the Pitt Club Handball Team, have previously worked as a Community Assistant working in the Hill District with the Pitt CEC, and currently serve on this year’s Student Government Board. Over the last several months I have had the opportunity to work on behalf of our students, have valuable conversations with administration, and developed a deep appreciation for everything SGB does and the student leaders it produces. When I ran for board last year I wanted the experience, this time around I’m running to help make the University I love the absolute best it can be, I’m running for all of you.

While on Board this year, I have worked alongside fellow members to encourage the University to stand by its commitment to promote civic engagement. With the 2020 election coming up, I think Pitt should be a leader in working to promote, highlight, and celebrate the engagement work that our students partake in. I will make working with administration and student organizations to create an engaged and energized campus atmosphere a top priority. I have already started this work and have been doing so for several months, I am seeking re-election to finish what I started.

Another initiative that I was able to get off the ground this year revolves around the policy for transferring credit from internships. What’s the policy? In my experience, it depends on who you ask. Not having all departments and advisors on the same page places many students at a disadvantage and prevents them from exploring all of their opportunities. Internships are valuable, and in some cases, an essential part of the college experience. I want to clarify the existing policies for internship credits, advocate for a more beneficial policy for students that includes allowing students to transfer credit for paid internships, and make sure that every advisor is aware of these policies so that all students have an equal opportunity to explore an internship as a part of their academic career.

Lastly, I further want to expand upon the spirit of service that exists on our campus by working with PittServes and our service-oriented student organizations. I believe there is plenty of room for collaboration and that we can increase the exposure of the wonderful work being done in Oakland, around the city, and the world by our students.