Anaïs Peterson

Board Candidate
Batavia, Il
Urban Studies

Hi! My name is Anaïs Peterson and I’m a junior studying Urban Studies with minors in Poetry and Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s studies. I currently serve on the board of Free the Planet, Fossil Free Pitt Coalition and on the advocacy committee of Asian Student Alliance. I’ve been lucky to be a part of a lot of different student groups across campus and I plan to use those experiences to inform my time serving on SGB.

If elected to SGB, my top initiatives include improving Pitt’s environmental and social sustainability. This encompasses everything from equal amounts of gender-neutral bathrooms to composting in our dining halls. I will also prioritize the creation of an LGBTQ student center, the inclusion of a public comment period at all Board of Trustees meetings, and a culture of higher student safety.

I am proud of the institution Pitt is today and the students that have driven that progress. Pitt is a second home to me, along with almost 20,000 other undergraduate students and I’m running for SGB because I feel it’s important that all 20,000 students feel heard and represented on campus as we move into the future.

Please feel free to reach out to me ( with any questions/concerns. Thank you, and Hail to Pitt! Anaïs